The Power that Empowers

The Solar PV Roadmap Initiative is designed to provide a meaningful platform of solar energy discussions among relevant stakeholders. The goal is to increase the awareness and promotion of solar energy to become a significant addition to Thailand’s existing energy resources. Supported by the UK’s Southeast Asia Prosperity Fund, the two-year project is designed to advocate for better policies and an effective implementation framework that will lead to rapid scale-up of distributed solar PV applications. Solar power development in Thailand so far has been focused on large-scale ground-mounted systems with systems sized >1 MW contributing to 99% of the total current solar PV installed capacity. The government has recently announced a plan to support 200 MW of rooftop solar power through feed-in tariffs, but this amount pales in comparison to the 2,000 MW capacity of large-scale solar farms in the pipeline and an additional 800 MW of solar farms to be further supported in the next two years.

Solar Power Development in Different Countries Grouped by Size of Installations

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Figure 1: Solar Power Development in Different Countries Grouped by Size of InstallationsSource: Analyzed from Malaysia (Chen, 2013); Italy (GSE, 2013); Thailand (EPPO, 2012),Germany (Schoenfeld, 2012), USA (SEIA, 2012); UK (DECC, 2013)